The Sonaugi

What to do

What to do

Sonaugi is NOT a tourist destination. It is a reflective space. A recent guest from Australia Tony Shaw said, it is the most silent place on earth, adding, “I know my places from my years of travels to over nearly 70 countries across the world”. Some guests have said the silence of Sonaugi is healing. It works really well with people who are seeking peace from the challenges of modern-day existence – and the seekers find the silence conducive to seeking. Sonaugi is not the best place for the usual corporate outbounds but a great hangout for yellow-hat white-boarding, bonding and for senior management and think-tanks.

Our suggestion is to lie low in Sonaugi. Just be. Languish in the silences. And if you must, there are short walks. Ashwini is happy to organise.

There is a small library from which guests find the occasional read – but strong recommendation is to bring your own books – companions for your literary engagement.

A Walk to The Beas
You can hear Beas river flowing down in the valley – 20 minutes walk down. It is surrounded by dense Himalayan Cedar (Deodar) forest on three sides and apple orchards on the other side.

Janna Village Walk
As you climb up the Parking and walk on the kuccha path, you will reach Janna village in an hour. Janna is among the oldest villages of the valley – although most of the residents have moved down to Arcchandi on the left bank of the Beas.

Chandrakhani-Malana Trek

Sonaugi-Nashala Walk

Nashala-Naggar Walk