The Sonaugi

Long Stays

Sonaugi welcomee long stay guests – folk who are attempting to reflect and bond over relationships and ideas. Sonaugi is a meditative space.

People have come and found it completely conducive to reflections. In fact one guest revisited almost  within a month and then stayed on. A friend and spouse came in for a three-nighter and then he emailed New York that they were going on a work-from-home-week. Sure enough the Laptop and Blackberry were the connections to the outside while the couple mostly sat in Shanti and enjoyed the air and the elements.

Sonaugi also welcomes the occasional Long Stay Volunteer who might want to contribute to the cause Sonaugi, to set up a let us say, the wood fired oven; do a kitchen gig or greening of the patches.

Come here in retreat, relax, read and do some work that contributes to the collective.

Those interested please discuss the matter with the Majordomo, Ashwini Tripathi.