The Sonaugi


The MajorDomo of The Sonaugi Homestead is Ashwini Tripathi who lives on the compound with his wife Neha and 3-year-old son, Gungun. Ashwini hosts guests with such honesty, affection and warmth that  guests remember him long after they leave.

Ashwini is the finest honest young man (30-something from Gorakhpur, UP). He has chosen to live in these pristine parts of the world with his family.

The person to be mentioned here in Soumya – his 8-year-old daughter. What a walker she is and what a mature conversationist. Soumya has been sent to the boarding school in Naggar and is hardly around anymore. But when she is around, she regales the guests with conversations far mature for her years. And this child is a natural at walking. On an occasion of steep climbing beyond Janna she stayed on top of the pack and walked step to step with the local guide Maniram.

Soumya’s results just came out early this year and she scored A+ in all subjects – we are so proud of her.

Neha & Ashwini are a wonderful simple-from-the-heart couple to host you. On a bad day Neha may pour out her loneliness to a woman guest. Neha has a great pair of hands and during the season she is a busy reflexologist and women-only masseur.

For men we have our famous Master ji – the massage-chi {-:

Contact Ashwini for everything. (Vivek may often answer on behalf of Ashwini)
+91 98912 97111