The Sonaugi

The Rooms

The rooms are lovely, large and spacious – over 450-600 square feet – rather unconventional for a Himalayan house. But more than that, each room is like a miniature home with living and lounge spaces, private spot, reading corner… and, hmm, dreaming corner, too if you like! Beds made from beige Himalayan maple wood are elegant. Duvets and throws are designed to entice you into sleep-land with a book for company at any point of the day… if only nature hanging out of the windows don’t catch your eye.

Each of these spaces has an angularity about it, an imperfection that gives it character. Let us warn you that the rooms were built as a private space and are, therefore, virtually devoid of noise-proofing and not conducive to loud anything – chats, song, stomping and what have you! The loos are modern and each bath-bubble has running hot water showers with good old LPG as our saviour-stove. We use our heating with care – the wood in the high-calorific heating stoves is dead wood either picked from the jungle or cheap commercial firewood bought from the government depot 10 km away in Naggar.

Our guests, though, have told us that the loos are a pleasure to hang in.

While we have chosen the best Egyptian cotton upholstery for the beds, we have opted for thinner Khadi towels. Those ultra-plush luxury towels consume too much water in washing. Small steps, but The Sonaugi Homestead believes in the old adage of a stitch in time!!!