The Sonaugi


Morning chai under the skies – we encourage folk to wake up early – but you needn’t if you don’t feel up to it.

Food at The Homestead is not Gourmand but simple. We imagine our guests access the best epicurean ventures back home and are offered a simplicity signature. Breakfasts can be a mix of cereal, egg, sandwich, paranthas and juices and fruit. Lunches and dinners are simple dal-subzi-roti-rice servings done in a natural pristine way that makes for a something.

The team presents the evening Soup-under-the Cedar with a rather big smile – Mohan the cook russles up nice simple Desi-Angrezi hybrid soups with pride.

We are mostly vegetarian – we chose to keep the place vegetarian as we align with the politics of non-violence. Situated in a neighbourhood which is filled with Shaman practices of sacrificing Bheddus at the altar of the Devta, we have chosen to stay vegetarian. Not for any religious reasons but because we feel that being vegetarian brings a certain kind of energy among the guests we receive.

We don’t serve liquors – but guests are welcome to bring their own tots to nip up the evenings. The experience of a good wine or a Single Malt is heightened by the crackling of the fire-wood in the Dhunna or under the sparkling star-lit skies.